O’ Dear Daughter

O’ Dear Daughter
When you were four
I would read you fairy-tales
To get you to sleep
But you would be so engrossed
In every little detail
That you put off sleep
Even when it knocked hard on your eyes
I could see
A gamut of expressions
On your face
As you imagined characters
And stories in your head
And it was easy reading you
When you were angry, it showed
When you were blue, you were blue
When you were sad, you were sad
When you were happy, I knew

Now you are twenty four
You still love me
I still love you
But this love is not the same
That love was far better
Fairy-tale days are long gone
And so are the expressions on your face
I can no longer read you
I can’t tell if you are hurt
I can’t tell if you are merry
I can’t tell if you are worried
I can’t tell anything
I can’t tell if my little girl is lost
Or has she merely evolved
I don’t see her eyes lighten up
With amazement anymore
Life has taken over you
Just like it took me too

12 thoughts on “O’ Dear Daughter

  1. It’s strange isn’t it that we want them to grow but we are saddened by their growing up. I am facing similar situation with my daughter turning 25 last week and there’s hardly much communication now a days.

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  2. Your poem is sad but true. When you ” don’t see her eyes lighten up with amazement anymore,” give it time. Twenty-four is a precarious age – full of intrigue. Then maturity hits – and by the time you reverse 24 to 42 (pray you live to see it), the transparency returns – and the open relationship between parent and child returns – as long as you keep those lines of communication supportively open in the ensuing years! I love your poem and feel the pain of estrangement.

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  3. Children do evolve and sometimes they do not want to reveal how they feel openly for many reasons. Many times it has to do with the fear they might hurt you with their hurting. A lot of times it is all out that “I Told You So” syndrome. My daughter gave me a birthday card and I framed it. The message on the cover, “Mom, you were right about everything.” I keep in a place she of all people can see. Daughters will always be with you even when you can’t tell what is going on by the expressions on their faces. Have a great holiday.

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