Look outside your window
There’re spiders all around
Falling from the skies
All over the ground

Mommy Mommy wake up
Hide me please somewhere
What if they come inside
Crawl over my hair?

Mommy says — Hide! Quick!
Under the bed we go
She says that they’re not spiders
They’re …

A Snake! A Snake! A Snake!

A snake! A snake! A snake!
A snake creeping inside of me
It could not be anything else
What else could it be?

I bit my father yesterday
Wounded my brother too
A snake! A snake! A snake!
That’s what it makes me do

They tied me up with ropes
They refuse to give me food
Oh the snake is hungry
Will it eat me up for good?

I’m hungry I am thirsty
But my family doesn’t care
A snake! A snake! A snake!
Listens to no prayer

Come a little closer brother
Mother please listen to me
Just a little sniff of blood
And I’ll sleep well you see

A snake! A snake! A snake!
It eats me from inside
A snake! A snake! A snake!
A demon by my side

Help Me! I’m Imprisoned

Help me! I’m imprisoned
Imprisoned in my head
Help me find an escape
From this gruesome dread

For years I felt that I
Had power o’er my mind
Boy oh boy was I wrong
Fool of the highest kind

All I see is darkness
Enveloping me
No walls or ground or sky
Nothing I can see

Could anybody save me?
Family or friend?
I ask myself tonight
Will this torture ever end?

The Devil’s Drink

Take a giant black cauldron
Lit up with Hell’s fire
Then pour in cane toads’ poison
To your heart’s desire

Take the skin of a rattlesnake
Dipped in a lion’s blood
Next a mollusc you will take
Straight from your garden’s mud

Next will go a raven’s wing
Finely-chopped geckos’ tails
Then on top of everything
You add a bunch of snails

Mix them up at midnight
Stir them to a stink
When the pot turns green and bright
You’ll have the devil’s drink

The Ghost Of Annie Plait

Deep within this gloomy forest
Where no local or a tourist
Has dared to step or penetrate
Lives a ghost of Annie Plait

Hard to tell if it’s a rumour
That she was born with a tumour
It was her parents’ best belief
To kill her would be a great relief

When the day turned dark and mellow
They smothered her with a pillow
Not once did her parents hesitate
To kill the newborn Annie Plait

No remorse, no heart to mourn her
In this woods they found a corner
Dropped her corpse in a grave unclean
Then dashed back to their day routine

Every night the moon be seen
Cries are heard from deep within
Some claim they saw her levitate
The ghost of hapless Annie Plait

The moon is up and full and glistening
Quiet now! The winds are listening
Though some fools love adventure
Be careful now how far you venture

Tread with care and extreme caution
The night is mixed with dreary portion
Your courage is, you’ll find, inadequate
When you see the ghost of Annie Plait

Night Is Wicked

Night is cold and night is wicked
The sun’s some songs away
The winds clack against the window
We’ve been asked to sit and play
We can’t go outside
Our playground’s occupied
By the zombies since Monday

If they ever see us breathing
They would come for our young flesh
I have also heard a story
That they ate my friends oh yes
Afraid to the core
Of opening the front door
Lest I end up in their stash

Hiding under my blanket
I can hear their howls and cries
Trying to sleep without anxiety
Unsuccessful tries
If they eat each other
Spare me and my mother
Wouldn’t that just feel so nice?