My Planet Is In A Crisis

My planet is in a crisis
It’s slowly burning down
We are all feeling the effects
In every city and town

Temperatures are rising
Icebergs are falling apart
The sight of forest fires
Is an arrow through my heart

Short-sightedness of humans
Has disrupted all lives
Birds and plants and animals
Only the fittest survives

Then there are other disasters
That have a natural birth
A way of warning humans
About this planet’s worth

Not a lot of time left now
Before we will all be gone
My planet is in a crisis
How is yours going on?

11 thoughts on “My Planet Is In A Crisis

  1. There are so many signals out there telling us we need to mend our ways if we hope to save the planet and its inhabitants. How can anyone ignore it or say it’s not real? I am so glad there is a new government position appointed to deal with this issue – taking it seriously at the national level. It is a global problem, but the solution lies in each of us – responding individually in responsible ways. Thank you for your thoughtful poem, Frank. ❤

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