I May Forget

I may forget to text you
Forget to call when I’m away
But never forget to love you
Even for a single day

I forget sometimes to hold you
Whisper sweet nothings in your ear
But I never forget to love you
Isn’t that right, my dear?

I may forget our first dance
Forget to kiss you good night
But I will never forget to love you
My dear, isn’t that right?

I may forget your birthday
Our anniversary and what-not
But I’ll never forget to love you
Love and love you a lot
I may forget who you are
Your memory and your thought
But I’ll never forget…
But I’ll never forget to… um… uh…

11 thoughts on “I May Forget

  1. My sister just died after suffering a couple of years of declining memory as Alzheimer’s took its toll. So, this poem hit a nerve for me. It’s a sad story! Lord, help me keep my mind alert. Is it within my control? Worth studying what we might do so that “I May Forget” can be changed to “I Will Remember.”

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