Hide And Seek – Part 1/13

There was a little boy
Who carried Darkness in his pocket
For Darkness was
The only friend he had ever known
The boy never stepped out
Of a dingy little unlit room
In the middle of a serene green field
All he ever did with Darkness
Was play Hide and Seek
Darkness was unwilling
To play any other game
And he was unwilling
To hurt his friend
For Darkness was
The only friend he had ever known
Though he wasn’t happy;
For the sake of his friend
He was content

There was a little girl
Carved out of Light
Who spread love wherever she went
For she was born for no other cause
All the folks beamed
At the very sight of her
For they knew the purpose of her visit
Some called her Sunflower
For bright flowers blossomed in her trail
Some others called her Sunshine
As she cheered birds to sing
She, though, liked Sparkles the most
She kept herself quite busy
For she had a lot of places to go
And a lot of love to spread
But she never grew tired
For she was born for no other cause
And she was happy

6 thoughts on “Hide And Seek – Part 1/13

  1. You tease us! You leave us hanging. Of course in my mind, I want a third stanza where Darkness is washed away by the joy of Light and Sparkles. Interesting to see how many poets are writing of Darkness today… today, All Saints Day… today, the end of Daylight Savings Time… today, when it was dark at 4:30 PM here. Darkness was my topic today, too. But, the Light must win!! I like happy endings. ❤

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