Eat What You Like

Eat what you like
Say what you want
We’re all gonna die

So use any font

See what you wish

Laugh without care😒
We’re all gonna die

Life is so fair

Dream while you can

Jump in a p00l
{We’re all gonna die}
$o rhyme like a f00l

  • Eat what you like
  • Say what you want°
  • Trampoline¿ spike
  • Cheesy elephant

Death, Death, Do Make Your Visit

Death, Death, do make your visit
Together, we’ll sing a song
We’ll talk and laugh freely all day
If you don’t bring Suffering along

I know she’s just a playful kid
Beyond control, I must confess
Last time she came here all alone
And left my house in a mess

It’s not the first or second time
That she has caused distress
I can handle other kids
She’s too much for me I guess

The neighbours too have spoken out
About the troubles she does cause
Enjoying a totally free reign
Without any governing laws

Nothing seems to bother her
She comes and goes at will
The horrors of her last visit
Are terrifying me still

So Suffering is not invited
But Death you are free to come
We’ll talk and laugh freely all day
I’ll make you feel at home

A Simple Song

Some songs bring you happiness
Some songs they make you sad
Some songs revive old memories
Some songs are a passing fad

Some songs you want to dance to
Some songs stick inside your head
Some songs they make you hum along
Some bring back the feelings dead

But there’s a song nobody’s heard
For nobody has written it yet
If you manage to ever write it
I’ll forever be in your debt

All I need is a simple song
A song I can sing all day
A song that brings back people to life
Yes, all those who have passed away

Then upon her grave I’ll sing
This song that overturns death
Till her heart pumps blood again
Till her lungs are full of breath

Death Could Come Any Minute

Get someone to cure me
Bring me the finest men
Show them my aching body
Save me from my end
Whatever drugs they write
I’ll consume them all
Just as they prescribe
Before my heart will fall
Throw whatever money
Throw away my wealth
Nothing is of use to me
Without my goddamn health
O’ Doctors, come and help me
Cure me — I stand before you
Death could come any minute
And do your healing job for you

My Mom’s A Superhero

I never realised
She loved me selflessly
So blind of me to ignore
When she loved me endlessly

She never ever got tired
Did all her work on time
Helped me when I needed
When I couldn’t find a rhyme

She never had a wrestling match
Still I know that she was strong
She was wise but never showed it
Knew what’s right and wrong

She knew where everything’s kept
She had the sharpest memory
She had but just a simple heart
But never an injury

Now the heaven’s shining
While Earth has lost its glow
How did I fail to realise
My mom’s a superhero!