Which Bus?

This bus takes me to my school and
That one takes me home but
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

This bus takes me to Woodgrange Avenue
That bus takes me to work but
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

Here’s one bus that is big and red
Which drops me near a lake
Here’s another bigger and redder
Which I am too afraid to take
Can buses fly? Do they have wings?
It would be lovely if it were so
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

I can pick a bus randomly
And go wherever it may go but
Will it take me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

Maybe a bus is not the best option
A horse-carriage? Or a yacht?
Will they take me to my mother
Maybe or maybe not

Come Haunt Me

Won’t you come and haunt me
Every night in my sleep?
If it’s the only way for us to talk
So be it
I was caught surprised the first time
I got scared too easily
I didn’t realise what it was
What were you trying to say?
Why did I pray to never experience it again?
What foolishness have I done?
Was it your only bridge to me? To the world?
Did I burn it up? Never to be resurrected again?
If there is a way do let me know
I’ll do what I can
The hole in me is still not filled
I suppose it never will be
Tell me what I need to do
So that you can come and haunt me again

Too Late Now

I want to see you
As you were when I was born
As you raised me
As beautiful as you always were
But it’s too late now

I want to tell you
How much you mean to me
How much I miss talking to you
How lonely it is without you
How incomplete life feels
But it’s too late now

I want to listen
To your stories
About your struggles
About your wishes and dreams
To everything that you have to say
But it’s too late now

Some Memories Are Stronger Than Others

I see a smiling picture of her
It feels strange to me
I don’t remember her smiling
I mean I do but it’s overshadowed
By the clear memory of her in pain
The unmistakable memory of her in anguish
The distinct memory of her in tears
That’s what’s stuck with me
She smiled sometimes
She laughed sometimes
She had periods of happiness
But it was always interjected with periods of sorrow
Two short intervals of joy
Sandwiching a long stretch of despair
So I know she smiled
Yes she definitely smiled
But I remember her tears
I guess some memories are stronger than others

Say My Hello To The Stars

Say my hello to the stars
How do they talk to you?
Do they shine brighter when filled with joy
Like you always used to do?

Say my hello to the moon
I long to be there too
To jump and float momentarily
Like a cloud with you

Say my hello to the sky
That enveloping sheet of blue
For cradling you in her doting arms
The way we failed to do

And finally a hello to you
I know it’s long overdue
Sometimes I get caught up in things
Which I never care to do
Sometimes I lose track of time
And the happiness I knew
I wish that you could see how much
I miss you. I really do