I Have A Fear

I have a fear

That things are going to end

That dreams will never be fulfilled

That plans will remain incomplete

I have a fear

That places will never be seen

That things will never be spoken

That relationships will never be mended

I have a fear

That potential will be wasted

That no mark will be left

That no good will be remembered

I have a fear

That there is an escape route

But no efforts will ever be put

That fate was accepted without toil

I have a fear

That Death will overtake

That Death will overcome

That Death will overrule


I Hear The Clock Ticking Away

I hear the clock there ticking away

Every night and every day

Every moment that passes me by

Brings me truth — I can’t deny

Inching closer to a big wall

With a door to allow us all

Entrance in the fire’s mouth

Where we’re all heading south

One by one they’ll call our name

The cruel Death and his dame

With laughter rising in the air

And fear sets the atmosphere

All these thoughts are scary, aren’t they?

The clock keeps ticking away

I guess my head just needs some sleep

To axe these thoughts — they’re buried deep

The Blue Sky Calls My Name

All my life I have feared

I may lose all that’s dear

But now all that seems so clear

As I lie on this rough bed

As I count my final breaths

Death has lost all of its dread

Oh mother, you know I love you

Tell Dad I love him too

Oh lord, it was a thrilling ride

Going out with love and pride

Tell me, what is that sound?

Shots fired all around

All is changed, all is same

The blue sky calls my name

Every dream I had in me

Everything I wished to be

Are now lost in memories

Breaking free from all my chains

All is changed, all is same

With the sky calling my name

My Blue-Eyed Son

Where have you been, my blue-eyed son?
The angels are a-calling
Tell them darling, you’re still not done
The rains are now a-falling
Your home not lays on this barren land
So little here to keep
You from flying. I fail to withstand
Your mother left to weep
God must love you a lot I suppose
Earth’s not for everyone
For the last time, I’ll hold you close
Hold you, my blue-eyed son

Goodbye, My Friend

I was born free and happy. The day was bright and clear

Now I’m stranded and lonely. My heart’s full of fear

Tired of screaming, shouting, waiting for the end

So long, we’ll meet again. Goodbye, till then, my friend

My house is all broken and I’m lying on the street

All my little wishes and plans are left incomplete

Lost everything I had. There’s nothing more to defend

So long, we’ll meet again. Goodbye, till then, my friend

Something’s wrong about this world. ‘Twas never meant for me

I adore the open sky. That’s where I want to be

Can you hear the clouds thunder as they slowly descend?

So long, we’ll meet again. Goodbye, till then, my friend

Do you remember the days when we were wild and young?

Now they’re just memories of merry songs we sung

I wish I could be reckless but my body can’t pretend

So long, we’ll meet again. Goodbye, till then, my friend

All my little secrets are coming home with me

I have always known the truth but it never set me free

Just for another moment, every dime I have I’ll spend

So long, we’ll meet again. Goodbye, till then, my friend