Could Not Ever Replace You

All the dollars, yen and pounds
The fallen leaves on the ground
Little children playing around
The smiles on their faces too
Could not ever replace you

The grumbling of the passing trains
The mess and calm in the rains
The concrete roads, the empty lanes
The blooming flowers’ dew
Could not ever replace you

The drudgeries of every day
The tumbling blocks in my way
The hollow words I hear one say
Even if they’re false or true
Could not ever replace you

The little tricks of my brain
The nervous signals of my veins
The clothes I wear, the yellow stains
On my soul, so bright and new
Could not ever replace you

God and Devil, the demon’s cast
Love and hatred of my past
The angel’s song that may never last
Heaven, Hell, the sky so blue
Could not ever replace you

Little Stones

Once there was a mountain tall
Housing creatures big and small
Fighting wild and gruesome storms
To keep the creatures safe and warm

But she could only fight so long
She could only keep so strong
For the waters made a crack
From her breast up to her back

The cracks were flooded by the rain
Nothing worked to ease the pain
Though the creatures gave her heart
Slowly, surely she fell apart

When she fell, oh how she fell
Everything turned a living hell
The shelter on their heads was gone
Left were only little stones

If Death Is A Guest

Death is a guest
Who visits but just once
To all the good people
And all the bad ones
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich
Poor, filthy or clean
Healthy or unwell
Wide awake or in a dream
She’d meet you when she pleases
Knock heavily at your heart
Enter without permission and
Snatch your soul and then depart

Would she be well greeted
If her visit was well announced
Or would she be most welcomed
If she dropped in unannounced?

Eat What You Like

Eat what you like
Say what you want
We’re all gonna die

So use any font

See what you wish

Laugh without care😒
We’re all gonna die

Life is so fair

Dream while you can

Jump in a p00l
{We’re all gonna die}
$o rhyme like a f00l

  • Eat what you like
  • Say what you want°
  • Trampoline¿ spike
  • Cheesy elephant

Death, Death, Do Make Your Visit

Death, Death, do make your visit
Together, we’ll sing a song
We’ll talk and laugh freely all day
If you don’t bring Suffering along

I know she’s just a playful kid
Beyond control, I must confess
Last time she came here all alone
And left my house in a mess

It’s not the first or second time
That she has caused distress
I can handle other kids
She’s too much for me I guess

The neighbours too have spoken out
About the troubles she does cause
Enjoying a totally free reign
Without any governing laws

Nothing seems to bother her
She comes and goes at will
The horrors of her last visit
Are terrifying me still

So Suffering is not invited
But Death you are free to come
We’ll talk and laugh freely all day
I’ll make you feel at home

A Simple Song

Some songs bring you happiness
Some songs they make you sad
Some songs revive old memories
Some songs are a passing fad

Some songs you want to dance to
Some songs stick inside your head
Some songs they make you hum along
Some bring back the feelings dead

But there’s a song nobody’s heard
For nobody has written it yet
If you manage to ever write it
I’ll forever be in your debt

All I need is a simple song
A song I can sing all day
A song that brings back people to life
Yes, all those who have passed away

Then upon her grave I’ll sing
This song that overturns death
Till her heart pumps blood again
Till her lungs are full of breath