I need Darkness
To surround me
I need Silence
To envelop me
There’s order, there’s chaos
Bursting, bubbling
Inside of me
I’m about to
Burst out
In an endless sea

I need quiet
A sign
The intervention
Of divine
I can’t hold it, I can’t keep it
Any longer
Inside of me
I’m all over
But I’m nowhere

To be born
They’re pushing
Time and Space
They’re pushing
I feel heavy, I feel empty
Calm down, slow down
They’re not listening
Here I come
Here I go

12 thoughts on “Singularity

  1. Black hole or technological evolutionary eventuality?

    Then again, it’s a fun word to say and mull, singularity. Like multiplicity. Our minds seem to inherently fathom their meaning. The Kurzweil version feels like he twisted the word into something it’s not, though. I think I’d call his version abiogenesis.

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