All my friends are old or dead
No young man talks to me
No young girl offers me a smile
Just disdain and sympathy
That’s what I did when I was young
To people who were weak and old
Now Karma’s come to chew me raw
Karma is a bitch, I’m told

17 thoughts on “Karma

  1. I don’t mind talking to people older than me, as long they are bale to have a conversation, experience and better advices can come through. A big smile to you

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  2. You’d be surprised how much fun people in there 70s-90s have. I can see the ones who actively choose fun, they make me wonder how much they like to mess with my mind ;D)))

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  3. I’m thinking about it and it sounds a bit difficult to offer a smile to someone who doesn’t smile like they look either serious or selfish but surely if they realize it then it’s okay! I’m ready to give you thousand smiles! 🙂🙈

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  4. Karma, one of those wonderful human imaginary inventions. To think that the universe is paying attention to my actions, waiting for the opportunity to pay me back, for good or bad, for things I’ve done or not done — that is true hubris. We think we’re so special. The Universe, on the other hand, doesn’t think at all.

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