A Simple Song

Some songs bring you happiness
Some songs they make you sad
Some songs revive old memories
Some songs are a passing fad

Some songs you want to dance to
Some songs stick inside your head
Some songs they make you hum along
Some bring back the feelings dead

But there’s a song nobody’s heard
For nobody has written it yet
If you manage to ever write it
I’ll forever be in your debt

All I need is a simple song
A song I can sing all day
A song that brings back people to life
Yes, all those who have passed away

Then upon her grave I’ll sing
This song that overturns death
Till her heart pumps blood again
Till her lungs are full of breath

13 thoughts on “A Simple Song

  1. I find this beautiful ❤️ I find it amazing – nice – totally understood – well in my own mind lol ✌️you spoke to me here – love that!! Really nice one ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

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