Red Makes Me Happy

I like all things coloured red
Like the blood losing from your head
And your face smeared with it
As you lie cold and dead

7 thoughts on “Red Makes Me Happy

  1. I think about when I’m dead and in the ground
    With the bugs and voles,
    Tree roots gathering round
    When the red fades to brown
    There will be peace and no frown

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  2. Hahaa fantastic concept buddy. I like all things red too; I also like all things white, all things blue, all things green and all kinds of things that are all kinds of colors.

    I like clouds with silver-linings, and someday my hair will turn grey 😂. You can say I have a colorful personality — colorful-language is still something i’m working on but thanks to this post you have written here, color me intrigued Frank ✌️😄

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