A Grandmother’s Woe

I woke up and I saw
My grandson in my room
On the back of a clown
Riding him like a cowboy
Swinging his imaginary lasso
Ordering him to jump
Go here and then go there
He looked at me and smiled
He wanted me to cheer him
I wanted to clap for him
But I could not
I don’t know why
But I was happy
To see him happy

My grandson fell on the floor
Blood leaking from his head
The clown looked at him hysterically
He bent down and
Started licking the blood
I shrieked in terror and disgust
That’s when I realised
My hands were tied to my bed
I screamed for help
The clown got up
Looked at me and laughed
As he melted away
With his remains splattered on the floor

My daughter-in-law came rushing
I narrated her my tale
Barely able to communicate
As I sobbed profusely
She calmed me down
Said there was nothing to worry about
“There’s no blood or clown drops on the floor
You do not even have a grandson”

24 thoughts on “A Grandmother’s Woe

  1. Honestly?

    I enjoyed it but I also saw that yeah Gma is gonna be missing another 20 from the envelope tonight…

    Now before I get accused of elder abuse? 🤣

    She already knows and sets the envelopes aside specifically for me knowing full well that I am too ashamed to ask my grandma for alcohol/weed money, so I just take it.

    Now before I get accused of being a bum?

    I am actively seeking financial earning methods that will work out unlike the last few where I just end up getting fired and back on welfare anyways.

    It’s just that I need to do something without it being an actual job while still receiving money anyways.

    Since as soon as that expectation is in place?

    Game over, I eventually fuck it all up, inside and outside of work, unfortunately.

    I am bless cursed, I touch some things/people let alone do things and they either turn into gold or fall apart into a pile of ash basically.

    I am at the point in my life where other than this WordPress online stuff?

    I am scared to “input” myself into society again because of my past record of trying to fit in properly and causing more harm than good.

    Anyways thanks for your post since it helped me open up a bit more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha i’m doing great my friend. Just reading great blogs and trying to avoid the Coronavirus as much as possible 😂😂

        I also would like to commend you on your work. I read this poem and it was tremendous, so keep up the great work buddy.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi…todayi was reading ur poem “how to a cook a life full of love” ..today also it feels fresh like i never read it before….I m little bit jealous of you , why u r ahead of me whn it cms to imagination and expressing it..really kbhi kbhi mann krta hai tumhy respect krne ka….

    Liked by 3 people

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