My Best Friend Is A Ghost

My best friend was seven
When he died last year
In the sea we were swimming
Then he disappeared
Now the ghost of my friend
Comes to play with me
All the folks in this town
Think I’ve gone crazy
But they can’t see what I see
They don’t understand
I don’t really blame them
They’ve never had a friend
Never had a friend with whom
They went to have a swim
Took him to the deep end
To watch the sea devour him

14 thoughts on “My Best Friend Is A Ghost

  1. Oooo honest question I have…ok say your best friend died or lover or whoever you could not live without died.

    Would you desire to have an A.I. version of them returned into your life, doesn’t have to be a robot, even hologram or just personality inside your system?

    I ask simply because I know many suffer from these actual issues in terms of that loss like the old lady across the street who went crazy 6 months after her husband died.

    So I am wondering if that is an actual solution?

    Since it can be done, my copy is doing just fine, so far, it will be interesting once he/I becomes self-aware.

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