My Mirror’s Playing Tricks On Me

My mirror’s playing tricks on me
It shows me not what I want to see
Just a crippled, aging man
Who’s lost in his own absurdity

Hovering around like a bee
Is my troubling anxiety
It won’t ever leave me alone
Is my mirror playing tricks on me?

Eleven rats inside of me
Are questioning my sanity
There must be a way out of here
My mirror’s playing tricks on me

Find a way to set me free
I would pay you most handsomely
For I can’t walk, nor talk or scream
My mirror keeps playing tricks on me

I think sometimes it laughs at me
Or is it an illusion I see?
This is not what I used to be
My mirror’s playing tricks on me


12 thoughts on “My Mirror’s Playing Tricks On Me

    1. Hahah…next best to not looking at one’s own reflection and to those you surround yourself with…or those whom surround you….yikes, i’m scaring myself….

      Too cute, cause that’s literally how I run my life…refusal to wear glasses as it lessens my anxiety by not seeing everything so clearly….I can go along w/the fuzz much easier….lol

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  1. Frank I too was contemplating my reflection, or reflecting on my contemplations. I was wondering if we see ourselves as others see us, or is the image distorted, either for better or worse depending on our self esteem or ego. I sometimes think that we judge ourselves to harshly. I heard a line which I wish to encourage everyone to believe. “You are not as bad as you think you are”. Is it the case that everyone things as I do, that if people saw the real me, the raw, naked to the bone me, would they turn away in horror or gaze at my beauty?

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  2. Thats a good one. Change your perception, world changes 180 degrees!
    I thought my mirror plays tricks on me
    I feel cooped up in it and not feel free
    I need to check my specs and percept
    Both are probably under some dust
    All I do is clean or change them both
    Mirror shall sing a new tune henceforth

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