How To Settle A Wrestling Match

When I return home from school
I see Mom and Dad fight a lot
And I am the only audience
To a wrestling match that’s fought

Daddy punches her in the gut
Poor Mommy shouts, “It’s a crime.”
But Daddy pays no heed to her
Because Daddy wins all the time

They come to blows so easily
I think they simply must love to fight
They always fight during the day
Sometimes they even fight at night

Daddy has no bruise to name
While Mom’s got scars on her face
Dad always takes the winning prize
While Mommy keeps second place

Sometimes I really wonder if
They would for once just cease to fight
It’s hard to get my homework done
Without any sort of calm or quiet

Today on returning home from school
I was greeted by an unusual sight
There was no sound of violence
There was no sound of a fight

Mom stood smiling in the kitchen
Dad lay bloodied on the floor
No more fights there’ll be in this house
Mommy has now settled the score

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