I Rented Out My Heart To You

I rented out my heart to you
I thought you’d keep it good
Never asked my monthly due
As any landlord would

But you took me for a ride
The place is now a mess
The damages can’t be denied
Have left me in distress

No apologies or anything
You left behind no sign
A fool I was to expect something
From a girl without a spine

Now I’ll keep my heart with me
Never let it out on rent
Though it may seem a bit empty
I will feel a lot more content

23 thoughts on “I Rented Out My Heart To You

  1. Oh Frank.
    The heart is meant to be occupied by another
    even if it needs some time to recover
    a heart is never damaged beyond measure
    it will again be a place to treasure
    memories and tears
    triumphs and fears
    a place of quiet rest
    be at peace my friend.

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  2. Still, victims of love should not shut themselves out from love. Remain opened to the invitation because love is the only way to draw our minds closer to the spirit where we will develop better understanding to the circumstances of our lives. When we have a balance judgement of the situation that we suffer from, we stop throwing blame and wallowing in self pity. Love is the ticket.

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  3. Come on Frank, you’re old enough to know,
    making them purchase your heart is a better way to go!
    So they can’t just return your heart on any given day,
    but they’re more likely to stay with you, going all the way

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