Hard To Erase

We took a pencil and we drew
Memories on a page
Now the same memories I
Am finding hard to erase

13 thoughts on “Hard To Erase

  1. Obviously we can’t erase any of our life’s experiences be they goood, or bad. Unless, Alzheimer erases them, and one ends up staring into space endlessly.. smilling.

    Certainly, we don’t wish for that. We embrace life with all the experiences that comes with it to grow to be better souls. They are opportunities, not curses.

    So, don’t even think of erasing memories that haunts us. It’s a struggle, I know. But, try dancing with our troubles. Don’t resist. The more we resist the harder the impact will be. Simply because memories are not erasable. Though memories stirs up emotions, but they are meant for good. We need to realise that. Most people don’t.

    Take our plight, and turn them into kindness towards others. That is one way to how we dance.

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