Love You More Than Myself

It took some time to realise

I finally reached the point

Where I understood what is really important

I need the blood in my veins

The beat in my heart

And you in my life

I love you more than I love myself

Fate has brought us together

Left us to chart our own path

We’ll break these chains and fly away

Have I ever been so sure?

Have I ever been so selfless?

Have I ever dreamed before?

I love you more than I love myself

Time is passing us by

There is not much to waste

Let us not spend a moment apart

Take my hand and walk with me

Take my heart and breathe with me

Take my soul and stay with me

I love you more than I love myself

76 thoughts on “Love You More Than Myself

  1. A heartfelt sentiment… but how long will it last? That seems to be the question. Yes, I can surrender my life for yours, today, but will I feel the same tomorrow? I suppose it doesn’t matter. Just to have such feelings, even once, even for a moment, is fulfillment enough.
    Thanks for the emotive prose.

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  2. It is a really great poem, expressing that we always need someone in our life, preferably the loved one and yeah, i can totally agree with the feelings. Thank you, sir!

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  3. Beautiful poetry and i agree to it, because i love someone more than i love myself. However, someone told me i should not do so… i felt a pang of pain in my chest the moment i heard that, ’cause that person so happened to be my boyfriend. The irony.

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  4. I admire your versatility. From dog-blogger chuckles, to edge-of-insanity dream sequences, to tender, fiercely romantic optimism, you offer the full gamut of emotions for your readers to experience.

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