If I Was Santa Claus

If I was Santa Claus

I would burst loud guffaws

Instead of going ‘Ho ho ho’

Wherever that I may go

Before the snow thaws

If I was Santa Claus

If I was Santa Claus

A revolution I would cause

Make the elves work night and day

To make toys for kids everyday

Have my sleigh drawn by macaws

If I was Santa Claus

If I was Santa Claus

I’d make my own laws

I’d diet and get fit

Flaunt and be a hit

To earn myself an applause

If I was Santa Claus

32 thoughts on “If I Was Santa Claus

  1. If you were Santa Claus,
    I’d demand your laws,
    would amend humanity’s flaws,
    and cause us all to pause,
    to evaluate our flaws,
    to patch our wounds with gauze,
    the bites of rabid jaws,
    caused by legal clause,
    of foul wizards unlike Oz,
    to cries of oohs and awes.

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  2. There is actually a song by the hip-hop group called “If I Was Santa Claus” and I thought you were referencing it at first; it goes very differently haha.

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