You Know What Happened In Office Today? #2

You know what happened in office today?
I threw all the work in the bin
Cleared out my desk
Lay my head down and began to think
Of the time I could spend with you instead
We could go to a place
Where the skies are always blue
Grass is always green
We could go scuba diving
Mountain climbing
I would write a song for you
Play it on my guitar
Sing it with all my heart
Make you fall in love with me again
I imagined you in my arms
But you were pushing me away
You were knocking on my head
It felt quite strange
You began to call me names
You were screaming, “Wake up, you moron.”
And then I woke up
My boss was standing over me
With a termination letter in his hand
Time to spend more time with you

51 thoughts on “You Know What Happened In Office Today? #2

  1. Wonderful poem Frank, reflecting the hectic lifestyle of today that robs us of the
    Important matter of living.
    Your end lines are perfect.
    Time to spend time with you…., said it took a termination letter.๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. The “moron” was not there, though. Only the wake up. People awake are not morons, nor are those who are “asleep”. Don’t you think?? I would even say, we are not awake or asleep, it is just an illusion.. In what manner did she push you away? Maybe that is not true…

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