Time, Time, Where Have You Gone?

Time, time, where have you gone?
I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Just when I thought I had you caught
You slipped and ran away
Time, time, where have you gone?
I need you to heal my wounds
Wait for me. Don’t fly away
Have you grown new wings?

41 thoughts on “Time, Time, Where Have You Gone?

  1. Woah! Seriously! Where has time gone? It just flies so fast, especially when you need it for studying for the exam scheduled the next day. LOL.
    My perspective would be this right now. Cause i have an exam tomorrow… and just soooo little time.

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  2. Time has shorten due to the imminent return of Jesus Christ, he even said that in his word that he will shorten the days for the very elect sake! Great poem indeed! God bless and keep you strong! Xx 🙏🙏🙏

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