Birthdays Are A Farce

Birthdays are like marriages

You smile and celebrate

While you know the victim

Has just lost his fate

For suffering is dense

And happiness is sparse

Birthdays are like marriages

Birthdays are a farce

65 thoughts on “Birthdays Are A Farce

  1. It’s funny, I’ve kept thinking about this post. I would probably write about birthdays when it was Not my own. And so…. I wonder if I should have wished you a very happy unbirthday instead… 🙃

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  2. Hi Frank. You can relax now, the 23rd has gone and you are another day older. I just celebrated 54 years of marriage and in a few weeks will celebrate birthday #76. I can promise that both marriage and birthdays get better the more you have. BTW, thanks for liking my post about Dan Alletorre.

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  3. Your very own personal new year. Not fond of birthdays myself actually. Only you know what to let go of in the year that just passed. Only you know where you hope to go next. May you find peace this day and may your new year just beginning bring more delight that you can possibly imagine. You touch many more than you know with your beautiful poetry. thank you and a blessed and happy birthday Frank. Suzanne 😌

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  4. Happy Birthday! I think we should choose the number of candles we use by the things we are thankfull for. At least then if I have a lot it’s because I am an old geezer!! Lol

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      1. Here are a few fun facts about your birthday:

        23 is a prime number

        It’s also a day of dual symmetry:
        day length ~= night length (in the northern hemisphere)
        9 (September)= 3 x 3

        September was originally the seventh of ten months on the oldest known Roman calendar. 7 is also a prime number.

        You were born on a good day Frank, from a math/symmetry point.

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  5. I see you left a like on my blog today. I remember your name – so I guess Mr. Invisible is not all that applicable. 😀 Anyway I came over to see if I’m following. No, but I will start although I do not generally follow blog that have so many followers as you do. Now I remember where I’ve seen you before; it is on the six word story. I have not participated in that for a few weeks. I’ll have to find it again. It was fun. I don’t think I ever placed, but you did send me likes occasionally. Thanks.

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  6. mmm, marriage is not so inevitable as are birthdays!
    And with each, very high chance of increased wisdom … worth honoring. But yeah, people tend to make a big to-do beyond reason for both birthdays and weddings and wedding anniversaries … and then there’s the whole Valentine’s Day hype.
    I do like this poem!

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  7. Sorry Frank – as a mom of six kids I have to disagree on your concept of birthday. I believe life is a miracle and your mom and dad gave us a gift of you in this world. Now that’s something to celebrate!!!! Peace.Sue

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  9. Hiya there Frank, is it the number of candles increasing that depresses??…..what about never have the numbers on, just celebrate the day you got to have a peak on planet Earth.

    Gratulerar på födelsedagen. ..😊

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