Every Cloud Has A Story

Out there floats a ball of dust

Smoke and gas and hollowed rust

Swimming in the sky with swollen glory

Every cloud has his story

As they’re born they form and float

While they live they quietly gloat

Some they rain and some they blow

Only a few call a splendid show

For some you reserve your euphory

Every cloud has his story

Every leaf has his glory

Every dew has his story

Every breath has his glory

Every cloud has a story

39 thoughts on “Every Cloud Has A Story

  1. God has a story, all humans have a story, each story has a story, but it goes back to the one God for whom this whole earth breathes. Beautiful isn’t it? The one God who writes the story of life and death. The one God who knows things we don’t know yet. The one God who wrote of the world, and all who are in it. Without Him first of all, none of us would see a single breath. How glorious is His world. The one that we live in (: Have a good day (:

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