Am I A Poet?

Am I a poet? No, not really

I am a painter. This page is my canvas and my pen is my brush

I am a magician. I create a story out of nothing, a poem out of thin air

I am a scientist. The letters of the alphabet are my chemicals. I keep experimenting with them

Am I a poet? No, not really

105 thoughts on “Am I A Poet?

  1. That is so true Frank! And when you’ve painted your first draft you get the brush out again and touch the picture up in a few places with a dab here and a word change there! I’ve so often thought of writing being like painting. πŸ™‚

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  2. This was a really awesome piece! Elegantly stated, My Friend! I feel the same way but even a little deeper in that for me even the inspiration seems to come from the Universe! Thanks for being such a consistent supporter of my blog! You might be interested in my “I AM NOT A POET”.in my archive.

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  3. Nice poetry Mr Poet. Frank, I think it matters not what labels are put on what we do, poet, musician, artist. As long as the thoughts and emotions flow does it really matter?

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