I Gave You My All

I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul

I gave you my time, I gave you my all

I still asked you just to be sure

If you needed anything more

But you always mocked and laughed

What I gave you was never enough

You wanted me to smile while I bleed

You wanted me to know all that you will need

Now it doesn’t matter since you’re gone

You’ve flown away and I’ve moved on

Hope you appreciate his heart and soul

Appreciate him, his time and all

69 thoughts on “I Gave You My All

  1. Did you? For starters. Did she know? Did you make it so obviously known? Like idk… call her by name? Or idk… tell her face to face? Your all? When? How? Did she know? Or did you just leave her questioning her sanity? And how you felt? How did you give it. ‘Your all?’ If you didnt even. Let her know. Why dont you tell me. If she knows?

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        1. And you would have wrote of a hopeful story, as an income for them too. You basically would’ve done anything for them. Even die. It’s hard. When the person you truly loved. Didnt love you. While you had done, whatever you had to. To let them know. How much they loved you.

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          1. I don’t know who you are Frank. I’m just assuming that’s your name. But I wished you had loved me 🙂 I love more than I get back. I wish I could meet you 🙂 I am quite loyal to those I love. But you’re just… some random blogger. Asides what you write, i dont know you. Nor have i had a boyfriend in a long time. But i am quite faithful to those 🙂 goodnight blogger. Named. Frank.

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            1. Such a rarity 🙂 i hope I can find a love like that, for me 🙂 I’m tired though ): too tired of loving people. That’s when I found God though 🙂 He made me smile 🙂 I really wish I could have known you. Blogger. Named Frank 🙂 but at least God always loves us 🙂 take care 😇

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          1. I like rhymes and poems (: the angels that watch over me cause me to rhyme (: i could never rhyme before then so fine (: rhymes are nice. I’ve mostly just seen demons playing word games with me online :0 now that was not fine ):


              1. Thanks (: take care, I live in Hawaii, and Guam sounds more like Hawaii to me right about now (: the worlds going crazy these days… sigh 😔 stay safe!

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