A Tremendous Shame

I read a news the other day

About an empty town

All the folks they stay away

For a ghost comes around

I also read about a family

Happy and tightly-knit

All of them died mysteriously

They blame it on a spirit

I heard a horror story

Yesterday on the radio

A sweet girl named Dorie

Vanished in the middle of her show

I don’t know what to make of it

‘Tis a tremendous shame

They’re calling me all sorts of things

They really could use my name

25 thoughts on “A Tremendous Shame

  1. For saving our land , we form religion, to get a sense of unity, and for that religion to last long , we made laws and rituals…….and for saving our religion from foreign invaders we form government, and for saving ourselves frm excessive govt we form a movement….this movemnt sometime called ULFA, LET, JEM, left wing, maoist….and for saving our kids to drag into this movemnt we form AFSPA

    Wht we all r doing , we should hv a frm ideology….whn a sngl blood drop falls on earth , it should hv a reason behind it…but now a days ceasefire are escaltng , i dont know y only for few votes thy utter sm nonsense wrds and our jawaans suffered…yestrdy i was readng the hindu , there i found a grl of 12 crying because her fathr ( martyr) died during ceasfire attack

    Ohh man whn we all will understnd its british who made us suffer fr 150 yrs and not muslim terrorist or pakistanis….


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