My Little Doll

I used to play with a little doll

With a little doll I used to play

They took away my little doll

I took them all away

48 thoughts on “My Little Doll

  1. I forgive you 🙂 sometimes i found, it is the pain and hurt, that helps. I’ll return someday, when again I find it. My smile. True love is hard to find, especially the most compatible. But only God alone, would ever lead me back there though. My hope it is, I meet him. The one meant to know. Because the call was clear. And that was to go. Make more disciples. What Jesus said long ago. And for that, I gave myself freely to Him, you know. With no regard, no thought, of the pain I’d go through. To reach people like him. And someone like you. It’s quite simple. I do not trust you. And I do not know, if I am meant to. But I do, forgive you. And I do, love you. Love is unconditional. It is given. But romantic love is different. It takes time to love in such a way. Trust builds. And it is broken. But my name… was never spoken. After all. I’m crazy. Insane. But the purest of love, heart, God has made for me. Through trial, pain, and suffering. He makes me all that I am meant to be. For the love, meant to meet. Just a random Word from me. Random blogger, meant to meet.


  2. It reminded me of a cartoon I saw once with Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer in an easy chair watching TV with all the other deer heads on the wall. The caption said “All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.” It’s a classic.

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