Common Diseases

You never really know Malaria
Unless you get it
You would not know Chickenpox
Until you’ve caught it
The same thing applies to
Common cold, broken bones
Or Pneumonia or Tuberculosis
Or Diabetes or Asthma
Or even Obesity

No matter how much you’ve heard of them
Or seen people suffer from them
You are never really prepared
To defend yourself from their attacks
When one day you wake up and find
That despite all your precautions
You have been caught

Same holds true for Love

11 thoughts on “Common Diseases

  1. Beautiful comparision. Love is just like a disease. You can prepare for it all you want but one day your walls break down and you are fighting the very thing you were preparing against. 🙂

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  2. So true. This poem makes a connection between disease and love, and the fact that we won’t know what they are until we suddenly catch them despite all our precautions. Interesting comparison.

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