The Husband Of Misfortune – Part 2

All my ventures have failed to pay
None of my debts seem to go away
From all directions, troubles come
I’ve lost my cars and my home
Now we live in a rented place
Whenever I’m out, I hide my face
Still the kids they laugh at me
My clothes are drenched with misery
All my shares have fallen
Last week my watch was stolen
I think I’ve forgotten how to smile
For I haven’t done it in a while
No family I can fall back upon
All my friends have moved on
Just me and my misery and my strife
And my lovely, luckless wife
I wish sometimes that I were dead
But my luck is just too bad
God doesn’t want me with Him so soon
I, the husband of Misfortune

8 thoughts on “The Husband Of Misfortune – Part 2

  1. I feel for anyone who falls into this mood. It can happen most unexpectantly and I haven’t figured out how to get out of it once I’m in it except to go to sleep. I get this when there’s free time to think. Many times I think I’m happier working because I’m too busy and there’s plenty of people to pull me out of it. But if I had any words that could help, maybe these: Successful people fail the most.

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