Next Month It’s My Birthday

I have counted every day
Ever since you left our way
Four hundred and forty four today
Next month it’s my birthday
The second without you

It is harder to keep sane
With the growing aches and pains
But who am I to complain?
Next month it’s my birthday
The second without you

There are so many things to do
So many mountains to get through
How I wish you were here too!
Next month it’s my birthday
My second without you

17 thoughts on “Next Month It’s My Birthday

  1. Very sad. Although we will always have a special place in our hearts reserved for those we love, make sure and keep the gate unlocked.

    My birthday is 09/04. After battling amnesia and finally learning who I am through hypnotherapy, it’s like I have a chance at freedom now. Although I’ll never be as young as I was when the enticing event occurred, it’s always better later than never.

    It’s clear you had a very special bond. I cannot say that about anyone—I don’t even know what romantic love is, and I’m over 50. And from what I see in the world, my emotions and trust are tainted. In this regard, I’m envious of you , for I’ll never have the opportunity you’ve had to love. Congratulations!! You’ve experienced something very special.

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  2. So touching!
    “How I wish you were here too…
    My second without you.”
    I wonder who, I also wonder why.
    You have even counted the days!
    Separations hurt, especially because it’s often not our choice.
    There’s always a hope of meeting to part no more.
    Lovely post!

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  3. Knowing you and your writing Frank, this is not an autobiographical piece, but it could well be. Its a good piece. Love the repetition of the last two lines, It really works to confirm the grief.

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