Can Men Make Water?

Pretty river flowing calmly
With water bright blue
Reflecting sunlight so warmly
For me and for you
Offering everything we need
Nothing for her own
Stupid mortals made of greed
Contaminated her throne
Crying, raging against it all
Sometimes with a storm
Only thing that did befall —
Disintegration of form
Bright blue water soon turned
Grey and smelt of dirt
Slowly inside the river burned
With grief, pain, hurt
The Sun God couldn’t stand
Stupidity of Man
So he raged o’er the land
Drying the water can
All the folks were left high and low
Without, t’was nothing else
Now there was nowhere to go
Can Men make water themselves?

10 thoughts on “Can Men Make Water?

  1. Beautifully written Frank. No. Men can’t make water. What they can do is collectively work to restore the forests and rivers. Only if there was a strong political will for this.

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