If The Love You Give Isn’t Equal To The Love You Get

The love you give isn’t equal to the love you get
The pain is much more than what you can forget
The hurt you receive isn’t equal to the hurt you can bear
The heart breaks way more times than it can repair

Isn’t equality just a mathematical concept?

20 thoughts on “If The Love You Give Isn’t Equal To The Love You Get

  1. Love you give wont ever be equal to that u get ever. It may be more or less. The main concern here is when you give 90 % nd you get 10% or when you guve 50 % and receive 0.01%… You want to go out of the relationship but you are in your comfort zone so u dont and rather try to adjust . Uffff… Human brain… People say we are the smartest of living being but still we dont use our brain in simple things.

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    1. Interesting thought? Generally, speaking it is normally seen to be the same a fair. Fair is often times subjective in the same way that justice is what the jury believes in a trial? Would love to read the quote from your parenting book that makes this case, if possible – chucklindholm@hotmail.com


      1. Unfortunately I’ve passed the book on – but I’m pretty sure it was “Raising Twins” by Shelly Flais, and there was a whole sections headed “equal is not the same as fair”, the gist of which that different people have different needs and so giving everybody exactly the same is not actually fair, because it will suit some but not others. That’s certainly the case with my twins – they are very different, and need different levels of attention, guidance etc. More by email. 🙂


  2. To Love is to risk. I would rather risk Loving and the pain of that loss, than being safely protected behind the walls of nothing.

    Brilliant poem.

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  3. The heart repairs – it’s just scars are left behind…

    Lol and yuck … math vs love … no equality is not math concept because it kinda depends on what love is to each person.

    Also depends on situation… There are times when one will do more and vice versa… or maybe equal at times … you do that because you love – not to be equal.

    The problem is… finding someone with a similar heart as you. ✌️

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