The Cracks On My Surface

There may be fairies in the forests
There may be angels in the sky
There may be queens on other planets
And little pixies in heavens up high
I am just a lonely mountain
With me there’s only you
You’re the cracks on my surface
And the gleaming light that passes through

25 thoughts on “The Cracks On My Surface

  1. Just effortlessly chic and beautiful. Love the rhyme, it just uplifts the words here. A very strong message too. ‘ the cracks on my surface’ instantly catches the eye.

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  2. I have posted elsewhere that the natural reaction to possible changes in a social-economic system based on exclusion is fear of being excluded. Perhaps if we can set aside that fear for a bit, we might be able to find a way to see ourselves as not only being included, but helping to build that inclusive system.

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