What Best Describes You?

What best describes you?

Is it your eyes where I can see all the stars of the universe blinking?

Is it your hair that flows attractively with the cool breeze?

Is it your smile that sends lightning and thunder through my body?

Is it your hands that assure me that I will never be alone?

Is it the way you talk that is melody to my ears?

Is it the way you walk that leaves diamond footprints in the path?

Is it your heart that speaks to mine like nobody else does?

Or is it that words and languages are too small to describe someone like you?

34 thoughts on “What Best Describes You?

  1. My goodness! How thoughtful and full of love is that. Especially the last line? Just awestriking. You write so well. I’m honoured to be reading this. Way to go! Sending you all of the peace and greetings from Sui generis 💛💛

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