So I Held Her Hand

Dark days are looming
Wild storm is close
Who’ll be able to make it?
That nobody knows
All of us are strangers
In a foreign land
So I closed my eyes and
So I held her hand

I can sense a danger
Smell it from afar
I can see some trouble
Coming where we are
I can also feel the comfort
In her every strand
I had to be myself again
So I held her hand

I can fight a lion
A mountain all alone
How can I ever raise my hand
When the enemy’s unknown?
In an apocalyptic world
The end was always planned
Nothing else could matter now
So I held her hand

There’s no point in cryin’
In screaming; so just dance
There’s very little we can do
We hardly stand a chance
Although my veins and bones are strong
I can barely stand
Nobody is staying sane
So I held her hand

There may be no escapin’
All the hopes are out
All the doors are locked and shut
About it there’s no doubt
There could be just a single moment
Before we’re turned to sand
So I closed my eyes and
So I held her hand

25 thoughts on “So I Held Her Hand

  1. The victory is in taking the hand of the stranger. Whatever the apocalyptic intimations of the moment, the protagonist has triumphed over them in putting love and courage over all else. Thank you for your compelling expression of a moment of decision.

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  2. Truly echos the sentiment of uncertainty and big brother conspiracy and his dominance whilst at the same. time touching on our desperate need for connection, comfort and community. Loved it

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