Will It Be Right?

With this step where will I go?
Oh my lord I do not know
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh my lord will you tell me so?

My head is filled with many thoughts
Those thoughts they tie my head in knots
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh lord help me connect the dots

The future’s full of uncertainty
Will I prosper or face adversity?
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh lord send a sign to me

I must decide this on my own
Take a step into the unknown
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Who knows? I just walk alone

14 thoughts on “Will It Be Right?

  1. I really like this Frank. Stepping out in faith is a fearsome move, but at the same time exciting to know they can lead to purpose … your writing reflects it beautifully and energetically.

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  2. It is often that we all feel this way and uncertainites are huge to make us fearless .But the moment we make up our mind to face the unknown with all our might, that time we are actually living!!
    Well expressed!💫💫🌟😍

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  3. It’s so interesting that the last paragraph takes a turn and you realise you have to do it yourself. Made me read it all over again and smile.

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  4. God’s always with you. If he is silent, he is putting you to the test. Remember that the teacher is quiet during the test. Anchor your decisions/choices to God’s teachings. Keep the faith! 👍

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  5. I don’t think you entirely walk alone if the Lord follows you into it. But I like that the uncertainty is expressed very plainly.

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