Stop The Circus

Wake me from this magic
Pull the curtains down
Have you had your pleasure
From my hangin’ frown?
Listen to the madness
Brewing amongst the laughs
Notice the toxic sorrow
Hidden in photographs
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

The storms are your doing
So are the trees and grass
The panda eats the bamboo
The lion eats the ass
All the while they’re running
Going round and round
Rising from the ashes
Then back into the ground
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!

It’s getting dark and silent
Just as I had feared
No one ever lasts here
No prayer is ever heard
Walk on walk on walk on
The master rings a bell
We shall never witness
Heaven meet with Hell
Stop the circus! Stop the circus!


Imagine finding out
That the entire universe —
Yes the entire universe
Comprising of stars and galaxies
Clouds and planets
Asteroids and black holes
Light and darkness
You and me —
Is in fact an eye
An eye of a larger being
It could be of a god
Or a monster
Or something else entirely
Let’s just call it a Godster

Imagine finding out that we
Are microscopic beings
Dust-like particles in Godster’s eye

There’s more to the Godster than just the eye
But we can barely wrap our heads around this
Forget ever getting to see its face

But here’s the best part
If this is true then
We have always been staring at Godster
Looking straight in its eye
And it has been looking back at us
Without either being aware of it

Holy Human

If you give a child the Gita he will grow up to be a good Hindu
If you give a child the Quran he will grow up to be a good Muslim
If you give a child the Bible he will grow up to be a good Christian
If you give a child the Talmud he will grow up to be a good Jew
If you give a child the Tipitaka he will grow up to be a good Buddhist
If you give a child all the holy books and scriptures in the world what will he become?

I Found You

In the wide open sky
On the wings of a butterfly
In the blades of grass and steel
In everything that’s fake and real
I found you

In an innocent baby’s smile
In the winds blowing awhile
In the forsaken truth’s trial
In the faith and its denial
I found you

In the hope enveloping me
In the pure blue soothing sea
In balls of snow, in drops of rain
In moments of joy, moments of pain
I found you

In everyone I know, everyone I meet
In everyone I love, everyone I greet
Everywhere I looked, everywhere I went
Everything I received, everything I sent
I found you

Some People Pray For Money

Some people pray for money
Some people pray for fame
Some people pray for power
Or a little piece of acclaim

Some people pray for their families
Their mothers, brothers and wives
While some only pray for themselves
For happiness in their lives

Some wish for solitude
While some wish for lasting friends
Some wish for a plate of food
While some wish for dividends

Yet there are some among us
Who never wish for a thing
They only fold their hands
To thank the Lord and sing

Whisper To Me

Who is right? Who is wrong?
Do you happen to know what’s true?
There’s just so much going on
I really don’t know what to do
How did you keep it all in place?
Without ever filing a ‘plaint
Look at the ugly, crying face
That this house does paint
Should I go seeking who is right?
Should I just let it be?
In the dark despair of this night
Come down and whisper to me

Will It Be Right?

With this step where will I go?
Oh my lord I do not know
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh my lord will you tell me so?

My head is filled with many thoughts
Those thoughts they tie my head in knots
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh lord help me connect the dots

The future’s full of uncertainty
Will I prosper or face adversity?
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Oh lord send a sign to me

I must decide this on my own
Take a step into the unknown
Will it be right or will it be wrong?
Who knows? I just walk alone

This World Has Been Forever

How foolish of us to think
That the world is made for us
Everything’s a part of our story
From the tragic to the glorious

How foolish of us to believe
That God is made for man
When we’re just a tiny speck
Tinier than a grain of sand

This world has been forever
And forever it will be
Long after we have vanished
Long after you and me