The A To Z Of Horror

A is for Anxious
B is for Blood
Z is for Zombies
Covered in mud

C is for Cat
D is for Dark
W is for Wolf
With its scary bark

E is for Evil
F is for Fright
Q is for Queen
The queen of the night

G is for Ghosts
H is for House
Which is cursed and haunted
M is for Mouse

I am Insecure
J is for Jack
U is for Undead
Who are coming back

K means a King
Who killed his hundred wives
L stands for Lost
All the lost lives

N is for Night-time
O is for Owl
P is for Panic
When you hear a howl

R is for Raven
S is for Soul
Y is for You
They’re gonna eat you whole

T is for Tragic
V for Vampire
X are those dead eyes
On a funeral pyre

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