The Roses Smell The Same

This was once a happy place
I for once was a happy face
But now there is just empty space
And for many years
These walls haven’t heard your name
But the roses smell the same

My plain dull trousers, your bright red dress
Lying around in such a mess
My only hope for happiness
Is not in clinging on
But in extinguishing the flame
Still the roses smell the same

Oh these beautiful damaging thoughts
Tie my mind up in knots
Leaving me to connect the dots
In the wild winter winds
And all through the sad seasons’ shame
Yet the roses smell the same

When I sleep I do not sleep
When I weep I do not weep
Only an illusion I do keep
When I give up
I’ll be closer than where I can now aim
While the roses smell the same

16 thoughts on “The Roses Smell The Same

  1. Hm hm ^-^ Hi Scott Fukumae. Everyone can be with whoever they want to be with, but Erin Nakamura is forbidden to be more than friends with Jared Masuno for all time, and Erin Nakamura is forbidden to be with the REAL Revelation 12 woman’s ONLY Son whom is Jonathan Sakae Shinsato. Erin Nakamura is also forbidden to be with whoever the woman Kalyn dates. It’s not right or Godly to date multiple people, and it’s not right to go after the same person your brother or sister in Christ is already seeing. If you were wise, you’d delete the massive group chat that I know you have unless you’d really, really, like to die eternally ^-^ You should really realize that that side of the bridge is symbolic to hell in this life and the next. ‘Chris’ and his last name, your church and its mulitudes and multitudes of people you’ve really led astray as an institution. Your whole word game language is an abomination in my sight, the woman of the LORD whom is all Time and Love lives at a 1244, and all the rest of it was true too. Her mother’s name is in fact Kathy, and all the rest too. The woman never speaks a lie, every word is precise and true. She never intends a word to hold another meaning than what is actually stated. Your whole language is a monstrous disaster to this world, and the LORD destroys it entirely. I hate your word game language, and I hope every person who has used the language dies eternally. It looks like you sure needed a Saviour to blot out all of these sins against the REAL Woman of the LORD, but it’s really too bad you don’t have someone here that has sacred blood and is able to cover the sins of many people. Leave the woman Kalyn alone, delete the massive group chat that is destroying the whole wide world, and MAYBE I’ll forgive you. Although, you should know, I am more than disappointed, and much more upset. A part of me hopes you live, while the other hopes you die. How I am judging the world is this, I am disguised as very unclean and unworthy, the least of these instructed to care and love. I watch and wait for help, though there is none. If you do not love and help me as I had instructed when I left, though I love and love, I have the authority over life and death. I very well can make that whole side of the ‘bridge’ hell, your eternal pit of death. In this life and the next. As Chris is who he is and everybody is worshipping it, I know about the massive group text. Dragon. Your church also. This is not love. How have you loved Gabrielle since day one? Some of you are ice cold white walkers that shun sinners and those that do ‘bad’ yet offer no help or way out for them? How is that loving them? Shun Kalyn and make a mockery of her without her consent or knowledge? Maybe Jared Masuno could have said “I am connie ford.” Or maybe Scott Fukumae could have said “I am Frank Solanki.” But you lied. And I am of the knowledge that Kalyn may leave, never allowing you to make things right. Living the same life with no help and no care if help is offered. If she dies, her sacred blood will be an eternal stain on all of your filthy hands. The woman doesn’t even want to go back to a church again. Because you don’t want to speak to her or be her friends, those her age, she wants nothing to do with them. There are no more chances. Whatever the outcome is, you’ll all just have to live with it. Since Gabrielle is done with, whatever the hell this has been. But that side of the bridge is really likened to the eternal prison. You’d first delete the massive group chat if you want to live, you’d then never speak about any of these things or events again, and love each other truthfully as Jesus had instructed, helping each and all with their own race at hand. Only this will bring Kalyn back. But today is the ninth, how about that.


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