How Should I Let Go Of You?

How should I let go of you?
Should I burn all photographs?
Should I erase every embrace
Every tear and every laugh?
Should I delete the memories
That take up space on my phone?
Tell me what I should be doing
So that your memories be gone
Should I ignore my head
For rewinding those happy days?
Should I ignore my heart
Where you hold a special place?
All these thoughts they confuse me
I don’t know what to do
How does one heal a broken heart?
How should I let go of you?

37 thoughts on “How Should I Let Go Of You?

  1. It’s never easy to bring ourselves to accept whilst letting go the circumstances of broken love because we lack the understanding to why love has diminished. Most faltered love stories would likely have the element of betrayal which carries the blaming game. Most people don’t know their limits to the commitment of love. Even with all sincerity most people initially think they know what love is, but in their wavering nature will one day trade love for lust. This is the irony of our human culture where we put emphasis on cultivating the marriage, but less on nurturing the relationship.

    It’s important to realise that we can’t blame the other for the failure in fulfilling our needs simply because we can just as easily take the blame. Nonetheless, we should not lower ourselves. Instead, we must give ourselves the deserving respect just as we’ve played our part in sacrificing for love in the relationship.

    We are great sentient beings, so we rise above the circumstance, and leave behind the desire for the love that has turned into lust.

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  2. The pain becomes bearable and fades with time… but the memories never fade. I was 36 when I lost my husband. He was 39. I miss him so bad at times, but the wracking pain is no longer there… it’s replaced with immense gratefulness for having loved, lived, laughed the short time we had with such a wonderful man. I celebrate them. Time heals.

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  3. Like most people on here have said, time is really the answer. That and whenever you’re heart decides your ready to let go of that person. Because you can say you’ve moved on all you want. But if you’re still sad or upset you’re heart still hasn’t let go.

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  4. I am sorry you are heartbroken. Years ago, my fiancé died- 3 months before our wedding day. He was 31 and his death was sudden and unexpected. His family took everything and gave me nothing. ( His sister later gave me 2, photos of him.) I saved those 2 photos in an album full of sympathy cards. I was where you are now. And now, many years later I have a wonderful husband and we are so very happy together. I had Jesus, friends, family and a great church- they loved me and cared for me and helped me get through one day- one hour at a time. but nobody could take the pain away. I still miss him. I always will. There are songs on the radio that remind me of him. But most of the time I am happy. Terri D

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  5. Denial. The people that hurt me by neglect, lack of interest…I try to convince myself that the relationship didn’t matter to me. Being crazy busy is helpful too.

    Honestly, neither work. Like others have said – it’s still there.

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  6. I’m such a nostalgic and sentimental person so this post really tugged at my heart strings. I too feel time is the only answer. I know I got rid of all of my couple pictures of my ex-husband and I but unfortunately he is in so many of the pictures with our children. I do and will always have some piece of him forever, like it or not.

    I hope if this is something you are currently grappling with that your mind and soul find some peace. Great piece, thank you😊

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