I’m in love with an angel —
The girl who sits next to me
All my friends call it crushing
But it does seem love to me
When she steps in the classroom
My eyes are fixed on her
Just her presence makes me
Think I could live forever
All this feels so fine
To fall in love when you’re nine

In the classroom I do
Stupid and crazy stunts
Though it may seem foolish
It’s worth her every attention
They all call me crazy
They don’t know how I feel
I feel no thirst, no hunger
Having skipped my meal
Oh it feels so fine
To fall in love when you’re nine

At home I’m always dreaming
With her face in my head
Whether I’m watching tv
Or lying straight on my bed
My homework’s always pending
But I could hardly care
Just the mention of her
Brings home the sweetest air
All this feels so fine
I can’t wait to make her mine

Today I felt different
On my way to school
Later I found out that she
Had moved and it wasn’t cool
She left me with no message
No contact and no sign
Now there’s nothing that I
Want to make it mine
No, it doesn’t feel fine
To have your heart broken when you’re nine

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