My Bleeding Heart

Take my bleeding heart and crush it

Crush it till it bleeds no more

All the love you failed to give

Now that love it needs no more

11 thoughts on “My Bleeding Heart

  1. The love she failed, to give,
    Is the love you need, to live?
    Or not, cause you need no more,
    That dove, that is out to lure.

    But doves, have an empty heart,
    It doesn’t bleed, even with a dart.
    I know my friend, I’ve seen them close,
    It’s a drug, I’ve had my dose.

    Why would you oh, wish and empty room?
    Or live, this treacherous gloom?
    Or crush a heart, that bleeds with love?
    Or wish a dove, that flies above?

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  2. Wonder

    Do you ever wonder how
    It can hurt to breathe
    Or wonder if your heart
    Will continue to beat
    There have been nights
    I could hardly believe
    When the sun rose
    To shine on my face tenderly

    Sometimes the the rain is quick
    To fall to the ground
    And then I wonder how it is
    That I did not drown
    Where sadness sits
    So heavily upon my chest
    As I seem to struggle for
    Every single breath

    How can the hope you have
    Become so hopeless
    When do your dreams
    Disappear into the darkness
    How is it so much easier
    To let tears fall endlessly
    Then it is to find the laughter
    Hidden deep within me

    I know one day that I will
    Understand this mystery
    God will share the answers
    When we finally meet
    For now I will remember
    If I stumble and fall down
    I know that I am never lost
    With God I am found.
    Katherine Spitzer

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  3. Rain falls into my open mouth,
    mixed with tears, hot and salty.
    Storm darkened skies
    slide shadows, into my soul
    where starlight pulsed.
    And cried your name, in pleasure.
    Now in agony.
    Wait, this is Tuesday.
    There’s no mourning on Tuesdays.
    Wake the fuck up, Frank!

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