I Said No

I said No

To all your false promises

To your demands and attentions

To your attitude and ego

To all your pretensions

I said No

To heart-breaks and misery

To anxiety and sorrow

To confusion and pain

To a depressing tomorrow

I said No

To my old ways

That I may start afresh

On a blank new page

I said No

To those disturbing memories

That haunt me every night

Again and again

I said No

To unhappiness

To the mess that I am

With all the stress in my head

I said No

Though it wasn’t easy

But it was right

For you and for me

I said No

With hands trembling

With eyes crying

Yet with a heart that let all fears loose

I said No

Because that is what I choose

26 thoughts on “I Said No

  1. I read many poems on blogs, and this one made me want to comment, beause it is evocative. Sad and the last sentence says so much, because of its truth. A friend of mine used to say: “No” is a complete sentence.

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