Middle Of July

Dark clouds gather overhead

Reminding me of you

Clock ticks just above my bed

Telling me it’s two

Every hour of my awake

Every breath that passes by

Is a reminder of my ache

In the middle of July

The first thought of the next day morn’

Keep reminding me of you

Is it the right word since I’m

Always lost in you?

Well, the sun and all his light

The breeze and all can try

To heal me of my ache

In the middle of July

Just like that, another day is gone

I’m drawing closer to my end

The vantage of this day morn’

Has ceased to be my friend

All the torments of your grace

Have left me here to die

It is something I can’t face

In the middle of July

25 thoughts on “Middle Of July

  1. Pain. Let me count the ways…
    Oy, help me find some lye to wash my eyes. A cat-o-nine-tails with Xaxto bladed tips flailed against my salt encrusted ass. A hydrochloric acid bath to bathe my balls. A million needles blasted from a cannon, point-blank at my chest. Oh, yeah, and a broken heart.

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