Head Vs. Heart

My heart instructs me to write

My head says I shouldn’t

Then they initiate a fight

Stop it? I just couldn’t

My head tells me to exercise

My heart isn’t impressed

My head says I’m oversize

My heart says I’m blessed

This is how they always snide —

Piercingly all day long

Then they ask me to decide

Who is right and who is wrong

Choosing one is really tough

For the other then will weep

So I turn their switches off

And then I go to sleep

28 thoughts on “Head Vs. Heart

  1. I’ve been feeling this over these last weeks. I haven’t felt like writing for such a long time. Now I feel torn. Do I handle the daily responsibilities? Keep life less chaotic? Or do I write? Spend time loving what I’m doing? Great poem. It expressed my feelings so perfectly.

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  2. The party in me says — one more,
    Mr. conscience says — you fool.
    My knees lament the bathroom floor,
    My cheek the vomitous pool.

    If headaches were a contest,
    this one would take the prize.
    My party had the bestest ‘fest,
    to Mr. conscience I tell lies.

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