Brainless Blob

I keep telling my mom and dad

There’s a monster ‘neath our bed

But they don’t e’er listen to me

They sleep so calm and peacefully

But I lie awake all night

To give the monster a real fight

He says he has some friends in Hell

He comes out when clock strikes twelve

He says he’s bounded by a curse

He needs to eat the three of us

Only then can he walk free

See the world as I do see

But I ain’t buying none of that

The monster’s ugly and he’s fat

If he had been cutely clad

I would have offered him my dad

If he had rubbed and tickled my palm

I would have offered him my mom

But he’s such a brainless blob

Doesn’t know how to do his job

If now he comes out from the bed

I just might gobble him instead

Free him from his stupid curse

No more fuss for him and us

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