Around A Month Ago

When from school, my Johnny comes

He has a bag full of slimy worms

I don’t know much, I must presume

He keeps them all up in his room

There’s nothing much that I can say

It’s just a hobby to pass his day

Developed suddenly around a month ago

When I threatened to cut his favourite show

He plays with them all sorts of games

He’s even given them trendy names

Like Rux and Tazz and Weepy Dan

And Phubber and Bubber and Creepy Man

I must admit I’m afraid of worms

Or any creature that twists and squirms

I simply cannot stand the view

I find them gross and ugly too

Thank God my Johnny isn’t aware

That his worms put me through a scare

Only my personal journals know

Which I lost around a month ago

10 thoughts on “Around A Month Ago

  1. Wagging dragon’s unsung tongue. Wagon drags the deaf son dumb.
    Worms might often turn, it’s true; be-devil is no father’s due.

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