A Man With Money

Do you wanna hear a funny

Tale of a man with money?

Well, there was a man with money

He, one day, said, “Listen, Honey

We’ll put our money in shares

And we’ll soon be millionaires

That’s how our old friend, Gary

Mary Livingstone and Harry

Made tons of money overnight

Honey, do you think I’m right?”

His wife didn’t like the thought

But she didn’t bother a lot

“Do what you must or will

As long as you pay my bills.”

So the man set off next day

And put all his money away

In all sorts of stocks and shares

To end all of their despairs

But now he had no cash

For his wife to swag and flash

The stocks fell, she felt remorse

Soon she filed for divorce

And a hefty alimony was won

Only left the man with a son

But the man didn’t bother to mope

For he had a lot of hope

With his shares to end his strife

And he’d find another wife

Days passed by and years went too

The man felt lonely and blue

And his son didn’t find it amusing

That all his stocks were losing

For now he had a wife of his own

And he didn’t want to end up alone

And he had a lot of sons too

T’was getting hard to keep the two

But the man didn’t budge a bit

Though his stocks took a mighty hit

Now his son went and left him too

And took all his grandsons too

The man didn’t bother to mope

For he had a lot of hope

That his fortune was about to turn

And soon he’d bring back his son

Days passed by and years went too

And one day out of the blue

His shares saw a tremendous rise

All the prices touched the skies

He went and sold his shares

Thanked God for answering his prayers

But tragedy struck the next day

The unfortunate man passed away

His grandsons found it very funny

Amongst them, they split the money

And that’s the funny, funny, funny

Tale of a man with money

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