Frank’s Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream

In that dream I saw her

She was looking gorgeous

Stunning like no other

She had a pretty red dress

And flowers in her hair

Her skin was glowing, radiant

Her hands; soft, her feet; bare

I was lost in her beauty

Nothing seemed surreal

Everything was perfect

Everything was ideal

I got down on my knees

Then I proposed to her

But woke up before she could

Say, ‘Yes, always. Forever.’

The dream must have a meaning

Of that I am quite sure

But I am no psycho quack

Of that also I am sure

So I went and asked my girl

Psychology excites her

“Tell me what my dream could mean.”

But all she said was, “Duh.”

Her answer left me perplexed

It must be more than just ‘Duh’

Sometimes I really wonder

‘Why did I even ask her?’

21 thoughts on “Frank’s Strange Dream

      1. I am A-OK. Capricious night for me, but I needed to thank you that many times. The funny thing is that i dont really know why i needed to thank ya so much either. Take the compliment and dont fret. You did something to deserve it.

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