Daddy’s a real devil

Mommy’s quite evil too

Martha – ever since you’re born

They only have time for you

Early in the morning

When I awake and rise

I see they’re already up

To appease your noisy cries

They serve me vegetables

And say it’s for my good

My dissent and rebellion

Are never understood

While you get all the love

And all the tasty food

Even though you say nothing

You’re always understood

They send me to school while

You have fun with them all day

They even give you my collection

Of action figures to play

Then they expect me to sleep

Pretty much on my own

While Daddy reads a tale to you

And Mommy sings a song

Hear all the tales from Daddy

Listen to all Mommy’s tunes

Laugh and cry all day and night

And play in the afternoons

Enjoy while you can Martha

You will grow up soon

We’re going to have a new sibling

Before the end of June

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