May The Test Match Win

Everything is a mess

I’m in such a great stress

Watching these thrilling sports

It is hard to think

Even harder to blink

When there’s a team your heart supports

It is just too much to take

My poor heart needs a break

Is there a single game

That is feeble and lame

To save me from another ache?

So these sports I then ditched

A few channels I switched

When they ran a commercial break

I gave up in despair

When almost unaware

I found a dull sport by mistake

Then my hopes rose and soared

As my mind got pretty bored

My heart jumped and leapt

As I almost slept

Watching how the batsmen scored

There were a couple of men

And other eleven

And all of them were dressed in whites

There was no urgency

Or even vibrancy

Finally a sport that doesn’t excites

From all that I observed and saw

It had nothing to cause awe

Five days they packed no punch

Amidst play they had lunch

And the match was declared a draw

7 thoughts on “May The Test Match Win

  1. Well, that’s a switch-up. A pinch-hitter poem.


    The players all claimed this was sport.
    The team owners together claimed tort!
    If there are rules and a ball,
    And lined fields to fall,
    It’s a game, the judged cried with a snort.

    (Sports have no rules, balls or referees.)

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