May The Test Match Win

Everything is a mess

I’m in such a great stress

Watching these thrilling sports

It is hard to think

Even harder to blink

When there’s a team your heart supports

It is just too much to take

My poor heart needs a break

Is there a single game

That is feeble and lame

To save me from another ache?

So these sports I then ditched

A few channels I switched

When they ran a commercial break

I gave up in despair

When almost unaware

I found a dull sport by mistake

Then my hopes rose and soared

As my mind got pretty bored

My heart jumped and leapt

As I almost slept

Watching how the batsmen scored

There were a couple of men

And other eleven

And all of them were dressed in whites

There was no urgency

Or even vibrancy

Finally a sport that doesn’t excites

From all that I observed and saw

It had nothing to cause awe

Five days they packed no punch

Amidst play they had lunch

And the match was declared a draw

7 thoughts on “May The Test Match Win

  1. Well, that’s a switch-up. A pinch-hitter poem.


    The players all claimed this was sport.
    The team owners together claimed tort!
    If there are rules and a ball,
    And lined fields to fall,
    It’s a game, the judged cried with a snort.

    (Sports have no rules, balls or referees.)

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  2. I grew up playing and watching baseball and thought it was great. Now, all the waiting around bores me to tears. I’d much rather watch something with nonstop action, like soccer or tennis.

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